Monday, May 16, 2011

Executive Decision

     So I've decided that I need to create an additional blog. Oh call me multi-dimensional, call me LESS than focused... Frankly I decided that it is just irrelevant for my recipes and menu's to share space with my business plans, so although I do so enjoy my creative cooking, (as it is just really another outlet like sewing and crafting...) I will have to do the sensible thing, and (hee hee) be selfish with that for a minute. Look out soon for THAT revolutionary extravaganza though!
     So the point? The Diaper Cakes? I am ALMOST done! (With the website that is) You see I am completely an amateur. And much like I refuse to pay for a set of curtains that I could create myself, I refuse to pay for a website that I could create cheaper. Although I am sure I will never be completely pleased with the results, and I will see every glitch and flaw, comparing it to endless other diaper cake sites, obsessing day and night, running on much like this get the point. So here it is (drum roll)
My newest baby, the fledgling zero sales little business that I have such big dreams for, (awe is there a tear emoticon? Ladies leave THAT in a comment!)

I would LOVE your feedback on the site!
How easy can you navigate?
Are there any frustrations?
Is it pretty?

Yes indeed I am shamelessly looking for reassurance!


Crunchy Diva said...

okay i'm really sorry i would love to give feedback, but i'm not sure where to'm having one fo those days.

following from FMF

Nikki said...

Wait, is that a diaper cake in the picture? I was going to say it looks delicious until I got a closer look, lol! That is NEAT!! At first glance, it really looks like an edible cake!

I'm following you on GFC from the Super Stalker hop!
Nikki said...

Giving you a follow back. I think your diaper cakes look great. Site seems to be very easty to navigate.