Thursday, May 5, 2011

Menu Friday

Feeding a family of 5 on under $70 per week-
Check out my grocery lists and menus to make the food last!

Week 1
May 6-May 13, 2011

Dinner Menu
1. Chicken and Dumplings
2. Spaghetti and meatballs
3. Beef Wellington ala Cheap-o
4. Classic BUFFALO- Pizza and Hot boneless wings
5. Beef Strogonov
6. Chicken and Mushrooms
7. Leftover Extravaganza

Grocery List
2 pound bag Chicken tenders ($5.99)
2 pounds ground beef ($4.99)
1 pound stew meat ($3.49)
1 whole chicken ($3.49)


16 oz sour creme ($2.29)
8 oz mozzerella ($2.29)
crescent rolls ($1.00)

Fresh Veggies
carrots ($1.00)
celery ($1.00)
16 oz button mushrooms($1.50)
ginger root ($0.50)
 4 Roma tomatoes ($2.50)
fresh basil ($1.29)
4 baking potatoes ($1.79)

Linguini ($1.00)
Spaghetti ($1.00)
soy sauce ($1.79)
egg noodles ($1.29)
tomato paste ($0.69)
2 packages brown gravy MIX ($1.29)
1 package yeast ($0.49)
Flour ($2.29)

GRAND TOTAL....$42.96

Please now feel free to splurge on drinks, breakfast, lunch and snack items!

3 soda's, 2 juices, 1 milk=$10
2 breads, lunchmeat, cheese=$10
eggs, cereal, snacks=$7



Gillian said...

WOW! I'm amazed by this! In fact, I can't wait to read more... :)

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I'm always looking for new meal ideas so this post was great. I'm now following you!
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Patricia said...

Yum your meals sound delicious. I use to make a menu the make a grocery list. No one to cook for anymore except on the weekends. But it did work wonderfully.
Hello I am following you via the FNFW blog hop. Please follow me.

Are You A Mom said...

I am following you from the hop! please stop by and say hi :)
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Miss Imperfect said...

I make a grocery list every time I go to the store, but I ALWAYS spend more. Stuff gets thrown in the cart that isn't on the list and no matter how many times I say NO and yell and scream it doesn't help. lol.

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Shana said...

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Sarah said...

I love new recipes - so perfect for me and my roommates! What good shopping though - love it! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

That sounds and looks delicious. What an awesome blog ;)

I'm following.