Friday, August 26, 2011

The 10 commandments of pregnancy- Day 1

Each women has a different reaction to that first positive test, whether it is a planned pregnancy, a long awaited pregnancy, or like my last little guy, a HUGE SURPRISE!

I had both of my daughters with me, then 6 and 2. I have always been very open about the birds...(not so much the bees, but the girls know about what will happen to THEIR bodies) and so I explained that Mommy might have a baby in her tummy because Mommy's boobies hurt so bad!

We proceeded to Rite-Aid, and immediately took the test when we got home...Duh, like we'd wait around on that one??? All three of us in our TINY bathroom watching me pee, (Ah the memories) with hubby in his ignorant bliss, asleep after a long 3rd shift.

I swear that second pink little line didn't even wait until my stream had come to an end, bright as could be, screaming "CINDY! START SAVING YOUR MONEY SWEETIE!!!"

  1. Thou shalt NOT pee in front of your children!
  2. Thou shalt NOT wake up hubby with 2 small children jumping on his bed with the news!  
  3. Thou shalt NOT smoke the rest of her cigarettes in anticipation of having no more! 
  4. Thou shalt NOT instantly feel inclined to eat all of the groceries. 
  5. Thou shalt NOT find it necessary to chug OJ out of the carton. 
  6. Thou shalt NOT run around the house aimlessly.
  7. Thou shalt NOT go out and buy Jordans hoping for a boy.
  8. Thou shalt NOT call everyone you know...YET!
  9. Thou shalt NOT cry over her budget.
  10. Thou shalt NOT begin changing the playroom into a nursery!
Yep, that was quite a day!  Come back tomorrow for a convenient list of things that thou SHALT!


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Adorable post! Brings back memories :)

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Only once did I have a test turn positive that fast.

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Just Jenny @ Sippy Cup Chronicles said...

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I remember when I learned I was pregnant with my second daughter. I ran to cvs toting my 9 month old...and slightly embarressed that I was taking a pregnancy test with a nine month old on my hip...but it was positive and I screamed scaring my poor daughter :)

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