Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cable, internet and home phone- Maximize your mullah

Saving Series Part 3

If you missed the first post, Save some cash, Preggo discusses the fact that a new babies first year costs $10,398.00....Whoa! Below is the series schedule, to help Momma find that extra $866 per month!

  1. Saturday July 30- Cut your cell phone bill in half
  2. Sunday August 7- Cable, internet and home phone- Maximize your mullah
  3. Friday August 12- How to feed a family of 5 on $80/week
  4. Thursday August 18- Dressed and back to school for under $50
  5. Tuesday August 23- Managing your pocket

Cable, internet and home phone is a huge area of flexibility, although many people much like cell phone plans, get comfortable and don't like change. Take a look at what our family did to save XXXX per year!

Current Cable/ internet/ home phone bundle monthly bill: $189
     This includes HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Wi Fi, Home phone with unlimited everything, voice mail, and all sorts of channels.

Home phone
We moved to MagicJack- From my experience, it was easy to use, (really you just plug it in) and for my home phone needs, I noticed no difference in the quality. I paid $59.99 for 5 years of service. (After a 30 day free trial) Which breaks down to $1.00 per month.

Instead of switching providers, we fine tuned our bill. Previously, each month we were spending around $11.00 on movies, $42 on premium channels, $9 on two random kid channels I don't remember adding...hmmm...Just cutting out movies, 2/3 premium channels, and randoms saves us $588 per year! Instead, we are using Redbox and still only spending around $4 per week!

Without much technical knowledge, other than how to USE computers, I was unaware of the options for going wireless. I simply had the local cable guy come install the modem... then it worked :) But then I heard of Tethering.

Tethering, in case you aren't familiar with the term, is using your Android phone like a wireless modem: You connect your phone to a computer, then harness its 3G or 4G connection to surf the Web on your PC. I found a tutorial HERE!

My NEW total Cable/Internet/Home Phone monthly bill? $74.79
TOTAL Savings: $114.00/ month

OR $1368/year

Check out YOUR options!


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