Monday, August 22, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings- Stuffed Pancakes

Our new favorite invention came about through an argument between my two girls. Of course, they didn't want the same thing for breakfast; one wants eggs, one wants pancakes. MMMM.....

The best part, this couldn't be easier!

Simply use your favorite pancake mix as directed.

Ladle your pancakes on the griddle as you usually would.

As your pancakes begin to cook on the bottom, spread the top batter to either side, creating a "boat".

Crack your egg in the boat and COVER!

When the egg BEGINS cooking, add a slice of cheese, and ladle more batter on top. COVER!

Gently flip your pancakes and VOILA! When you cut into THESE pancakes, you will have yolky, cheesy, runny, salty, deliciousness flowing into your sweet syrup!


Ciao Mama's said...

Ok this is just wrong so wrong but it looks so darn good.

MariaS said...

OMG! This looks absolutely delicious! I am sooooo making this recipe this weekend! Thank you for sharing, I am bookmarking!

Heather Capewell said...

yummy! Just need to figure out how to get some sausage or bacon in there and you're all set! I think I will have to try these very soon!