Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Crazy things overheard at MY house...

It struck me not too long ago, how accustomed we can almost anything. Let me first say, that my house is just INSANE!


Picture the scene, and don't judge! When I wake up, I require at least 45 minutes of "wake up time". This entails getting up before the kids, smoking like 3 cigarettes, answering emails and doing other such bloggy chores. My computer, which I obviously live on) is in the far back of the house. You must close 3 doors before you are there. After the coffee and nicotene kick in, I am good to go!

Those kiddos of mine don't see it that way. 

They miraculously wake up 10 minutes after me...bring the 1 year old down after waking him up on their own accord, today he has poop nuggets.

He takes his pants off and nuggets sprinkle from his diaper into random places he's been in the living room.

Immediately upon waking up they need food and drink.
8 year old Giovanna decides to help out in that respect.
Milk and cereal is all over the floor
My backpack HURTS me

And...It begins!

The 5 craziest things overheard at my house this morning:
  • Gia get off the kitchen table in your bathing suit!
  • Pretty girls HAVE to wear underpants!
  • Don't touch the poop on the couch!
  • No I am not bringing him out without pants, PLEASE get them!


MariaS said...

OMG! This is hilarious! Thank you for sharing...some of these things (or similar) have been heard at my house too...glad to know I am not alone in the madness! ;)