Monday, September 19, 2011

#Boostyourblog **Keyword Targeted Twitter Chat

For all of those with Klout- 

We will be holding a keyword targeted Twitter chat Thursday at 10 PM EST.

The Point?

I am not techie enough to begin to understand the algorithms involved in generating the topics we are listed as influential about...Sometimes they show up as the craziest things! I for example, am influential about 'Chocolate'. I don't even really care for chocolate, nor do I blog about it. BUT months ago, I participated in a Twitter chat during which I mentioned having tried chocolate wine. Several people responded, clicked the link I included, and BAM- I am influential about chocolate???

So I would like to use this to our advantage, and create a targeted Twitter Chat using keywords WE would like in our arsenal!

The Procedure?

Please come join us Thursday at 10 PM EST! This will be different than a usual Twitter Chat.

Each member will have a turn to create an 'original tweet'. All of the other members are to RT that tweet, reply to it, and click the link. Then the next member goes :)

You should include hashtags about the topics you would like to see, and a link to something relevant to that hashtag within your blog.

How to join...
Visit the Boost Your Blog Group for information!


The Paper Princess said...

I am SO disappointed I missed out on this! If you do something like this again - PLEASE let me know!

I just signed up for your newsletter by the way.

Have a fabulous weekend!


EcoCrazyMom said...

I would LOVE to participate in something like this, if you decide to host another one, please LMK!