Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Organize a Playroom- Day 1

Our current Playroom Organization

How to organize a playroom
When things couldn't be worse!!!

I have been through this, and been through this. Clean and organize the playroom, commit to its maintenance, and close the door as it crumbles. BUT NOW- I have a plan. 

There are specific toys that are our nightmare. They keep playroom organization from becoming a reality because they are so darned easy to TOSS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

Step ONE- Day ONE

Pick through the pile and throw every little McDonalds toy...every STUPID Polly Pocket...Littlest Pet Shop....Bratz shoe and HAIRBRUSH....all into a BIG garbage bag.
Reclaim the floor with a swift SHOVE aside into a heap resembling a memory from Fraggle Rock...

Tomorrow we shop: How to DECORATE a playroom

What we need are child games that make sense, and each one can use with some level of self sufficiency. 
We need storage that they cannot SEE through.
We need shelving for UP HIGH.

Check out the finished product HERE

and how we got there HERE!


Emily said...

funny, I just posted about my playroom redesign...
good luck with yours!!!!

Kellie said...

Love this! I dream about a playroom that could be featured in a PB Kids catalog. Not sure that will ever happen, but a girl can dream, right?!

Kelly Bejelly said...

That before picture is frightening. The redesigned turned out beautifully thought. Right now my little guy is not mobile so I'm sure I have some messes to look forward to when he's moving around/

P.s. I'm visting from the Alexa Drop hop :}