Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introducing Cute-D-Zine: Blog Services

Buttons Buttons, who's got the buttons? Cute-Ecakes does!

Introducing our digital design service. Save yourself the time and stress of creating banners, goodies, buttons, and more for a LOW rate right here!

Standard buttons (125x125): Grab buttons, (with code) Event buttons, sponsor buttons and more! $10
Have fun with animation!

Social Media Icons- Matching 4 pack includes Facebook. Twitter, RSS, and your choice of Google+ or Email: $10

Standard Headers (800x160 OR 960x200): $15

Click-able Standard Headers: Including html code and installation $20

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Complete html click-able slideshow including your images on slides, background and borders: $30
For more information, or to start your project, fill out the form below!