Friday, September 16, 2011

@Klout PERKS = Free goodies for YOU!

Klout Perks Program

One of the little bonuses to boosting your Klout, is the perks offered to key topic influencers.
Check out if you qualify for any NOW!!

Why Klout is important
Klout is soon to be one of the BIG indicators of your status in the cyber-world. Check out THIS article, or check out YOUR Klout HERE!!

See what you can get from your Klout Perks?
This is the most recent perk I was eligible for! For Freeeeee;)

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corabeth said...

New follower from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!!! Please follow back!!!! =D

Ashley S said...

Oooo I'll have to check these perks out! I have yet to do my Klout today. Better do it now! :P

DisneyMom said...

I am at 70 and I still haven't qualified for any perks!