Monday, October 31, 2011

10 reasons Mommy Blogger's are AWESOME- a rebuttle

It was a recent article, that I am sure many of you have heard about, (and since forgot about), it was said that a Mommy Blogger cannot possibly be a good mother, when she should be parenting instead of posting frequently. (In so many words)

I didn't say it!

Today however, after my allotted 5 hours of sleep came to an end, and as I ran through a list of 187 bookmarks, (I counted: I think I must be nuts) this article came back to my mind. Never mind the fact that being a MOMMY is hard enough, and never mind the fact that being a WORKING mommy is even harder. Now combine the two.

I have heard that some take offense to the term? I take pride in it.

Mommy Bloggers are SUPER-women!

  • Showers faster than a speeding bullet (with 2 kids in the bathroom)
  • More powerful than a television commercial
  • Able to pitch a review and make breakfast in a single bound
  • She navigates 18 browser tabs while composing 2 emails and switching the laundry

As a Mommy Blogger, my children get MORE opportunities than they normally would. Look out soon for my review on Heelys- The sneaker/skate. My daughter has always wanted some, but I am neither willing nor able to pay for them when they aren't necessary.
WIN for Gia!

My children get MORE time with me than they normally would. Do you know we baked cookies together 4 times this week? 4! Why because I was trying to get some great Halloween Cookie recipes and we needed to decorate a LOT to get the pictures I wanted. 4 gooey afternoons of cooking and decocrating fun?

My children try new foods because I blog. As I try to come up with new and interesting recipes, they reap the benefits.

The list goes on and on. What we as Mommy Bloggers are able to accomplish in one day blows most others out of the water and in most cases, our children are better for the incredibly hard work we put in.

Remember to always follow The Golden Rule of Blogging, and know that fellow bloggers, and Mommy Bloggers, are the only ones that TRULY understand what we go through for our blogs AND our kids each day. That should always be a relationship of mutual respect and support.



Darcy said...

It's amazing what we can accomplish in a day! Multitasking FTW! Motherhood is already tough enough - we need to support each other. If someone isn't in that mindset it's sad.. But they are out of the circle then.

mhoward said...

I loved this!!!!You did a great job capturing a day in the life, so to speak!

wegotkidz said...

I'm so glad you wrote this girl. We do a lot in a day, and this shines a light on the fact that Mommy blogging is a business. The beauty of it is that we can work from home and spend the majority of our time with our kids. Spending time with them is how we GET all of these blog posts.

About A Mom said...

Well said! I have so much respect for all the hard working moms out there! We certainly should be supporting each other, not judging.

Staci said...

Great post! Only another "mommy blogger" could understand how we get it all done in a day! <3