Monday, October 3, 2011

Retweet me Tuesday Hop Week #10

Welcome to week #10 of Retweet me Tuesday! This hop is hosted by Cute-Ecakes, and Beauty Brite, to help boost your Klout, and make new Tweeps!

Not checking your Klout Score??
Klout is soon to be one of the BIG indicators of your status in the cyber-world. Check out THIS article, or check out YOUR Klout HERE!!
Here is mine since we have started this hop!

This is not your usual blog hop!
*Please Read*

Link up to your Twitter profile
Retweet something from the person above you
Try to choose a recent tweet that the owner would want redistributed!
#RTmeTUES is always much appreciated!
Retweet your hosts :) @Cute_Ecakes and @beautybrite
That's it!
Want to work on your topics of influence? 
Include #RTmeTues in a tweet that you would like reacted to so participants know what to RT!!
Clicks on links, RT's and replies will help boost your topics!



Christine said...

Done and done! I hope I get retweeted and not just my Triberr buds--lol! But good call on the hashtag for the group. That will really help!
-Christine @ Why We Love Green

Jen said...

Thanks for the reminders! I have RT'd everyone and will come back in the morning.

Have a great week.

gkbccb said...

yes, true (above) ty for the reminder. i tried to follow and rt momsonline above me, (im 1caseycolette) however if you click that link that link, you will see that it is broken, so i could only do the hosts!

cajunlicious said...

Done & Done! Thanks for hosting!

Jen said...

Thanks gkbccb for letting me know I had a typo in my's now fixed and I have rt'd the list!

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

I just signed up for Twitter 2 days ago (I know -- what?!!) so I THINK I did this right. ;)