Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top 10 referrers for September!

Why do you care who MY top ten referrers are? You'll see! I often wondered the same when I read similar posts around the blogosphere, and now I see that using this information to my advantage, is advantage!!

  1. Feedburner
  2. Online Sweepstakes
  3. Triberr Members
  4. Simply Stacie
  5. Blog Glue
  6. TLC
  7. Makobi Scribe
  8. MailBoxes
  9. Planet Weidnecht
  10. StumbleUpon
 And the breakdown of how, why, and what this information can do for you...

Feedburner is my RSS feed. This is coming from (I believe) Triberr. Triberr uses our feeds to generate the tiny URL's that show up in our tribes mates tweets. When someone clicks on a link in twitter, most of the time it will show up as Feedburner in you GA (Google Analytics)

What does this mean for you? GET on Triberr already! (But read up HERE and be careful!)

Online Sweepstakes: This is an EXCELLENT spot to list your giveaways. They are in my top 10 referrers every month! You will need an account, (super quick) and WORTH IT!!

Triberr Members: This just goes to show, that the quality of your tribes matters. As in anything, it is all about the relationships you build. You get what you give. Always follow the Golden Rule of Blogging!

Simply Stacie: Involve yourself in high powered giveaway events! Not only will you be able to offer your readers GREAT prizes when coordinated with other blogs, but you will reap the benefits of their readership as well!

Blog Glue: This is a program that is a link exchange in a way. At the bottom of my posts, you will see "Cute-Ecakes recommends..." When you sign up and install the program on your blog, (a simple copy/paste) you will be able to search through other members of the program, and choose whose posts to recommend on your blog. Choose carefully! In exchange, others will choose to recommend YOUR posts on their blog as well. The plugin will choose similar topics to the post in question FOR you, and automatically place them at the bottom of each post, as well as send a tweet to the user you've recommended! As you can see from my graph below, This creates inbound links to your blog within relevant posts across the web, and draws traffic from other websites with targeted traffic within your topic!

TLC- At first I looked at this as just a flook. I wrote a recent post "A Layman's how to: Extreme couponing" As it turns out, TLC is crawling the web and displaying "social chatter" about their recent season premier of Extreme Couponing. Since my post is tweeted so frequently through Triberr, it regularly shows up on the front page of this chatter box, and get clicks! Now how to use this information in the future? I am not going to recommend jumping on the bandwagon of every single trend out there, but it is smart to create posts about things that are both CURRENT, and timeless. What are people searching for NOW? What of these things are relevant to your site?

Makobi Scribe- Yep! Another giveaway coordination! A $5 buy in allowed me to offer my readers $165 cash, added my link to two high powered sites, and as you can see, got me tons of hits, followers, and likes. Not only has this increased my traffic during the giveaways, but will continue to do so in the future because new followers and like means more people SEEING my posts on Facebook and Twitter.

MailBoxes- No not the store, this is the sum of several different mail servers, (Ymail, Gmail, etc. ) and what this means, is USE YOUR NEWSLETTERS! If you are unfamiliar as to how, go to and click on newsletters. You are able to do SO much from that spot, including creating html newsletters, add gadgets, and guess what?? People do click!

Planet Weidnecht- Thank you Lisa, your bog hop directory has landed me TONS of hits! If you have a blog hop on your site, don't waste your resource. LIST that hop everywhere you can! Bloggers search for lists of hops, (as I am sure many of you have) Oh...Um...I have a directory too! If you would like to be included in mine, fill out the form HERE!

StumbleUpon- As I was first introduced to social media, I didn't think much of this site. Do you see how wrong I was? Create a profile, start Stumbling and sharing those stumbles! (And DON'T stumble ALL your own stuff.) Oh My Gosh Beck has some great resources and detailed information about the ins and outs of Stumble Upon HERE!