Monday, October 3, 2011

Writers block? Check your Searches

How many times have you, as a blogger, sat there racking your brain about what to write today? Maybe you have realized that the MORE you post, the MORE traffic you get. (You HAVE noticed this right ;-)

Well my crazy idea for the day, came from my simple blogger stats. I stalk my stats, on several sites, not gonna lie. In all honesty I probably waste some measurable percentage of my day looking at them, and trying to analyze what they mean...I'm a little nuts. Lately I've been noticing that there are search terms leading to my site, that I am guessing the user wasn't getting exactly what they were searching for.

Today for example, today there were 3 searches for "table cards", and 2 searches for "diaper cake instructions". Literally the ONLY place I have table cards, is in ONE set of free Garden Fairy printables. And though I have a few sporadic diaper cakes, there AREN'T instructions.

Well there are 2 obvious things that I can and SHOULD add to my blog, and there were 5 bounces because I haven't yet. So I look back a little farther than TODAY. Now I find several ideas for posts!

The moral of the story? Take some time, (and it is another post for another day how far I took this idea into Google Analytics, Google keywords Tool...OMG I made a day of it) and LOOK what people are searching for within your topic, and write that thing! HERE is a great post about the keyword tool, and how that will help increase your rank within the keywords you decide upon!


Samantha @ A Little Simplicity said...

Thats a great idea!! I never thought to look into searches!!