Saturday, November 12, 2011

Easy ATTRACTIVE storage YOU can make for the KIDS

In my never-ending mission to organize, I was at a loss to find an easy CHEAP way to stash the toys! We tried the toy boxes, the cubes, the cubbies- All of these require the kiddos to actually LOOK at what they are doing, and where they are putting things....That is just a dream it turns out. My kids will NOT do this, no matter how easy I try to make it!

So I came up with these pretty cubes, made from a plain cardboard box and tissue paper!

Here How!

  • 1 container of mod podge - (This is a water based glue and sealant that washes off everything!)
  • 1 large moving box
  • 4 sheets of pretty colored tissue paper
  • sponge or foam applicator

  • Apply Mod Podge thoroughly to ONE side of the box, and about an inch down the adjacent sides.
  • Place your favorite color if tissue paper in the center, smoothing down the sides. (wrinkles are OKAY!)
  • Repeat for all four sides, overlapping the tissue 
  • Let dry completely!
  • Apply another coat of mod podge over the entire surface of tissued sides to seal.
  • BAM! Sweet free toybox
Be generous with the mod podge and don't worry about tape,
edges, holes etc. They will cover!
Make sure to cover the exposed edge of your last piece of tissue with glue!

Come check out our HORRIBLE playroom that caused the need for these cubes HERE!

 You will never again feel bad about the mess YOUR kids made once you see this!!!

Then check back for the finished product! You'll be surprised what can be done for $10!!!

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