Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Organize a Playroom- Day 2

In case you needed an update of how the problem WAS, check out the BEFORE image HERE! I promise you will never again feel bad about your kids bedrooms or playrooms once you see my disaster!!

We are on the road to easy clean up for the kids, and something I can DEAL with looking at, at the same time! 

Step 1- Bag up the trash! And in my case, everything needed to be considered trash in order to find the floor!

Great! Now you have a floor! 

 My dissatisfaction lies in that; if I empty the trash bags, and put every single toy where it belongs, #1- the room is still ugly. #2- it will quickly become the mess it was within a couple of days!!!

  • We don't have money to spend on the room.
  • We don't have storage.
  • We don't have space.
  • We DO have an abundance of toys.
The solution? 
Check out this easy to do, $1.00 storage solution that is the entire BASIS of our redo plans!

ONE more project and it will be done! I just can't wait for the big reveal (ooo I feel like extreme home makeover!!!) and you will be AMAZED at what can be done to a room for only $10!!! Watch out, interior designers, with your design degrees!

You can see the big reveal HERE!!!

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