Friday, November 25, 2011

Introducing the Aggy Twerps

I've been experimenting with something for about a couple of weeks now, and I feel comfortable to share it with you! I was really down when Triberr went to manual. When the promotional ban was imposed, I was even more unhappy.

BUT I understood that it was not Triberr's fault. That because of the set up of their system, the changes HAD to be made to avoid violating Twitter TOS, and the revocation of their API.

I found a loop hole in the TOS that will allow us to RT on auto once again!!

Yep, yep---- read on......By using several third party services, I aggregate the feeds of 10 blogs into one. Move that feed over to Feedburner, and authorize THAT new Feedburner feed to post to Twitter via, or other similar services. When each member of a team authorizes that same feed, voila!

This has been testing for a couple of weeks now, with no glitches, so I am ready to take sign-ups for the program when it rolls out! Come check out the new website, all rough around the edges and what-not, but functional! and



  Cindy Andrzejewski Owner, Cute-Ecakes

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MariaS said...

So how do I get on in this program? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?????

MariaS said...

OK. Found the link and signed up! What do I do now? :)

Samantha said...

it sounds great!

Emily - faliLV said...

So will we have a say on what get's tweeted by us? I don't tweet adult themed stuff to my followers... Looks pretty cool!

Cindy said...

No, there is no way to pick and choose which tweets go out, but we will be rejecting any adult themed site. This is for FAMILY FRIENDLY sites!! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that is great that you were able to figure that out! I am excited :)

Admin said...

fantastic- i know i kept saying WHEN was a smart person in one of our groups gonna figure out a work was u!!! u are soooo awesome! i was just disgusted with triberr. this looks great!

marie h

Beckvalleybooks said...

Great idea, ive signed up, cant wait to see it working xx

Callista said...

This isn't for me but it's a good idea for those who don't mind auto tweeting. I shared with others.