Monday, November 21, 2011

Restrategizing in the NEWEST social scape

Saying goodbye to the good 'ole days is always hard, and this is no different. Goodbye, the days of automation. The days of "if you post it they will come" are all but gone, and one month in to the most recent social media changes are now reflecting in almost everyone's traffic.

Triberr- The fathers of Triberr (Dino and Dan) recently said in a bonfire,

Automation has been disabled - We disabled automation in order to comply with Twitters TOS. While Twitter still allows automation, they frown upon promotional tweets and content duplicated across accounts. Disabling automation was necessary to reduce the number low quality content, promotional content coming from Triberr. All members must manually approve posts for sending. More details here:

So what this means? Unless you have been hiding in the dust for a month, you know you must now manually approve each and every tweet in your stream. You may also have noticed that some if not MOST of the posts are labeled PROMOTIONAL, and you do not even have the option to approve these without changing the title to exclude the determined promotional words.

You likely have also noticed your traffic is down, and Alexa scores are UP.

I feel comfortable saying this because of my precious Alexa bar :) I do heart that thing, and find myself often being nosey with other sites scores. Guess what, Although more drastic in some cases than others, we are all suffering the same fate across the board.

The Second Blow- Around the same time that Triberr changed their system to non-promotional manual, Klout revamped their scoring system. Overnight, many users fell 10 or more points in Klout score, and as the ANTI-Triberr effect is spreading its wings, they continue to drop.
Why? Klout scores are tied to user engagement, both on Facebook and Twitter. Less clicks and views because of less RT's = less engagement. It, like most other things, is just a numbers game.

and the timing can't be worse because of........

Strike Three- Facebook- Talking about and impressions. On your Facebook fan page, you will see a new creepy little number tucked under your fan #s. The Talking about this number. This is a reflection of how many people have interacted with your page in the past week. This could be a comment, like, share, or even a new fan to your page.

What does this mean for us?
To be perfectly frank, it means a lot more creativity and team-work.
We need new ways to get our message out to a wider range of people.

In the Boost Your Blog Group, I am working on a way to make tweeting the group easier without violating Twitter TOS.

We need creative ways to keep fans interacting on our Facebook pages, and NOT simply let the auto posts do their "thang". What makes you special? Why do fans read your content?

1+1=2 folks.

Come join our group and perhaps we can help each-other!

  Cindy Andrzejewski Owner, Cute-Ecakes

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The Paper Princess said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience and what is going on in the blogging/social landscape - and why! It's definitely been a frustrating month for many of us.

In addition to the things you mentioned here, I understand that the recent Google "fresh" update has also negatively impacted search engine traffic on a lot of our blogs.

I really appreciate communities where we can all share news and support one another in our goals! Keep up the great work!