Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 Great Last-minute items

$6.86 and eligible for FREE super saver shipping!

This game is sooooo cool for our family because all ages can truly play! There are little pictures on the dice and you have to make a story out of that specific combination. For $7.00 you will most assuredly get hours of giggles and in my house, I'll betcha that one of those pictures are said to be poop! LOL! 

I thought these pillow pets were just always $19.99 but here is the cute ladybug for $10.99! If you know you are getting one anyway, why wait until you are in line at Toys-R-Us?

Get it cheaper NOW!

Money Maze Bank Puzzle
This bank is almost pretty enough to be considered "modern decor", and I guarantee you they will spend time concentrating and moving that ball around! At only $9.00 this is well worth it!