Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 Rules to salvage your wallet on a Holiday Meal

Now is the time! There is a LOT of food to buy (AGAIN) to get ready for the next holiday meal, and if you plan accordingly, you can rely save a lot of money!

Rule #1
Do NOT do all of your shopping the day before you start cooking. You will be forced to pay WHATEVER the items cost on that day. I don't like to be forced into things :)

Rule #2
Get your list together NOW! Then when you find coupons for an item on your list, PRINT it, USE it, and store that item! 50 cents doubled times however many items you need, (a LOT) comes out to a BIG savings!

Rule #3
Plan your meal the SMART way: Use dishes that share similar ingredients. You will have less wasted leftover ingredients. (2 carrots left in the fridge do SOOO well in my house... LOL no they don't!!!) If you find a great savings on a fresh item, know ahead of time how it needs to be cut, and freeze it! You will have less prep time, and save!

Rule #4
Before you run out to Linens and Things to get a beautiful table setting, remember one thing. A table cloth is a flat, square piece of fabric. So are napkins. Please, PLEASE find your bravery. Sew 4 straight lines and make your own! You will feel such a sense of accomplishment because a holiday table is pretty no matter what. Have fun with dollar store greenery and glasses. Get the kids involved!

Rule #5
Always remember the state of chaos that your home will be in IMMEDIATELY upon the guests arrival. There will be kids running around, spilling, making a mess of toys. Folded chairs set aside the sofa and kitchen table...Don't waste your holiday and energy making sure your home is IMMACULATE just before this chaos happens! ENJOY your time!

HERE are the newest coupons this month to start you off!

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Biscuits or rolls?
Snacks and treats?
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So true.. I try to stock pile those things I will need for both Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner when I see them on sale as well as those things that are just to reduced it is hard to pass up. I only cook one turkey for Thanksgiving and one ham for Christmas but when I see them at rock bottom prices I always buy at least 2, sometimes 3 and keep them in the deep freeze to use later through out the year. :-)