Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Comfortable can be sexy, mom!

I am guilty of this more than anyone! With the stresses of kids and activities and cleaning and work, I spend a good half of my time in sweats. A few times a week, I will get motivated, and put on a "work outfit" from the corporate days, and wash dishes in my pencil skirt and heels...

I was lucky enough to receive two shirts for review from CheapesTees.com.
Initially, I wasn't really that excited about this review, and when I received the shirts I was soooo happy :) It isn't often that Mommy gets any new clothes, and these are both cute and practical!

CheapesTees.com.has a huge variety of styles, as well as the basics, and both the quality and prices, are outstanding!  I can be comfy in my tee shirt and jeans, and still feel sexy. Are you a mom? How often do you get that walk when you feel that good .....

So what I am shy to have my picture taken, and the truth of this picture is that I got all made up to go pick my daughter up at pre-school. My 10 minute outing twice per day that is literally my ONLY chance to leave the house. In the very least, I no longer have to change out of my comfy clothes to be presentable for the public!

You can get this and many more shirts on their website for around $8-$13 for the cutest styles. Or visit CheapesTees on Facebook and Twitter too!

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Michelle said...

Aww, you look great! I know, I've been trying to dress up on Wednesdays to do a "What I wore wednesday" post for my FFFF blog. Thanks for the review!