Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to use HYPE in Social Media to increase traffic

Source: via Jess on Pinterest
It was another big DUH moment tonight, when I realized how much more could be done with creating a buzz to draw traffic, and that I have been going about it all wrong! I think that I, as many others, began our social media journeys in quite the same way. Piddling in a new site because we needed that particular profile, and thought we should. Tweeting out our posts, the occasional something witty ;-)

Today, I posted a teaser on Facebook about an upcoming giveaway. ("Like" this if you want to win...) And the likes poured in. While I was watching their comments pop onto the page, and as I was building the post, I realized that each person that "Liked" the post, would get a pop-up if I commented on it. So I waited until that number got up to what I felt was high. (350) I continued to interact with commentators, and  posted the link to the giveaway in a COMMENT there, instead of the auto post.

Switch to Blogger Stats- Watch the visits pour in. Now grantid, this is a giveaway, and the results would not be so extreme with any old post, but this is what I learned tonight:

1. Gain interaction immediately before posting when possible to generate interest in your post FIRST. Great examples would be with a recipe- "Like" if you are hungry for this..., or a great deal- "Share this status" Lets find the best deal on XXX- Comment with the best price you've seen and SHARE! (Guess what, you have the best deal in a pretty affiliate link to comment with once it gets big :)

2. Using some of your resources is good, but using all of them is better. What would happen if you were to create Twitter and G+ interaction along with Facebook?

3. Titles are so important! Now with Triberr's promotional red flag words, you have to either word your post creatively to begin with, or change it in your stream. Your post title is what will be seen, so make it catchy and make it clickable. Leave a question to be answered, a curiosity that MAKES them click!

Be inspired and know that there is always MORE you can do!!


MNMSpecial said...

Thanks! Your banner says everything I've been thinking and avoiding for the past 6 weeks.