Saturday, December 10, 2011

Look What Luci is getting!

Okay, so normally I wait until the very last minute to do any shopping. Honestly I am out on Christmas Eve, and up until 2 AM wrapping...This has happened more than once! But this year, now that I know a lot of ways to catch deals that I had NOOOOO idea about last year, I am having some real fun!!!

Luci (4) is sooo jealous of Gia's (8) Nintendo DS, tries to steal it, (damages it...) And this Leap Frog normally goes for more than $60! Everywhere I looked actually... I found it for $34!! Yay! There is a really cute video on the listing of all it is capable of, and I am SURE she will be so excited, and now I am excited!!!


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RaeBeth said...

My daughter has one as well. We bought it for her last year for Christmas. I actually did a review on it. I love it. It's helped Lil Miss learn so much and we are investing into new games soon to help her with reading.

I think your daughter will love it.

Jamie L. said...

My son had something similar when he was little and LOVED it.

Cindy said...

That's GREAT!!! I am so glad to know it isn't one of those things that just LOOK really cool ;-)Thanks girls!

Mamma Homemaker said...

Hello! We love all things leapster in our family! It's a great buy!