Monday, December 5, 2011

Moms with Voices Media- My FINAL project!

I promised myself that I would never write the post saying, sorry I haven't been around, bla bla..... and I DON'T break promises...(Seriously, it is like an obsession, and a whole different story about my daughter that doesn't fit here :) But what I will do, is formally introduce you to what I HAVE been up to!

1. Boost Your Blog - Think of it like the ultimate blog hop, every day! Registered members have a profile page with EVERYTHING in their sidebar. Everything like Facebook shout outs, likes, Twitter widget to RT, Facebook widget for interaction scores, RSS box to stumble and +1 recent content and more! To hop, we just click through the sidebar of a member, and instead of joining Alexa hops, Facebook hops, etc, it is all in ONE place!

Challenges? I got a better response than my little hands could handle, and where adding one member takes about 15 minutes, I had 50 applications. I was 3 days behind schedule instantly! I am happy to report that that is done now! 

2. Aggy Twerps- I was more than disappointed when Triberr went manual. I felt more like an urgency to DO something about it! Soooo, I made my own group that auto RT's team mates posts. After a month of beta testing, we are ready to go!

Challenges? Needless to say, the programming involved took this girl some time!!! To figure out Twitter TOS, and the problems that caused Triberr to eliminate automation in the first place, get around that, and watch and test all beta testers feeds and tweets to make sure there are no glitches...well I am glad that is over, and I look forward to adding new teams!

3. Moms with Voices Media- My new baby, and likely the MOST time consuming item on my to-do list! This is a new media firm that goes about getting our bloggers business in a different way! Bloggers are teamed up into groups of 5, and campaigns are run by the entire group. This way, I can pitch a MUCH bigger reach, so for bloggers it is beneficial because of the increased likelihood of decent reviews, giveaways, and sponsored posts. For businesses, it is beneficial because instead of searching for several blogs to email, and maintain email correspondence with, there is ONE form to complete an entire multi-blog campaign. <3 that!!

Challenges? After I found a way to create member log-ins so that certain pages are not visible to potential clients, AND created a system to rank and group members, my only challenge is the LONG list of pitches to send!

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Meagan said...

You've been a busy girl!! Congrats on accomplishing so much - I'm on my way to check 'em all out and learn more!!

They all look like really great ideas :)