Monday, December 26, 2011

Organic Baby Items- Compair!

I just found a great site to check out if you are interested in organic baby items, and organics for the whole family for that matter!

Not only can you find a huge selection of baby clothes, (all 100% organic of course) but there is also adult clothing, make-up and food...even organic shampoo!, a price comparison site dedicated exclusively to finding the best prices on all organic products. The site already indexes over 7,000 organic products and more than 300 organic brands! I think a lot of us skip the thought of living an organic lifestyle, because it is assumed that it costs so much more to do so. Check out these amazing prices, and your mind may be changed! 

As everybody knows by now, organic products contain only natural ingredients, free of any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, additives, synthetic colorants and many other ingredients that are not only a health hazard to people, but also a hazard to the environment.
Organic baby clothes have never been more attainable with prices as low as $5, I think you will want to see for yourself!

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Kelly said...

Very cool site. I have a had time finding organic toys for my little guy. Thanks for the info! PS - found your site from your alexa hop. :)