Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stalkinator- Personal Safety Device Review

This is a 3 in 1 product for protection.
  • The alarm
  • The Light
  • The bite

The alarm is loud and distinctive enough to grab anyone’s attention. You pull a safety mechanism out to activate it and it doesn’t stop until the safety is replaced.  The alarm is comparable in volume to the smoke detector in our home, and creates a sense of urgency when it is going off!

The light is small and bright, and will illuminate your immediate vacinity, with an added bonus of being a handy pocket flashlight. (Now I can find the bottom of my purse :)

The bite is the spray. Unlike illegal devices that contain pepper spray, this is complete legal because you fill it yourself with lemon juice or vinegar. As you know, these pack an equally debilitating sting if they get in your eyes!

Buy It: You can purchase a Stalkinator on their website for $14.99, or get 2 for $19.99 for an even better value!

Win It: 5 lucky Cute-Ecakes readers will win one of their own! Entry is simple!  Visit the giveaway HERE!

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