Friday, December 30, 2011

TABOO- We won't talk about THAT...

I am always looking for new locations to monetize my blog, and I found this super fun alternative where I can earn high value gift cards in exchange for posts! (When I say high value, I mean $25-$50, rather than the $5 we are usually offered!)

Lets first talk TABOO- The big No NO NO! 

Ladies we don't talk about this, and well frankly when considering what to write for this post, I considered writing my way around it.



Yep I said it, what? A personal joy or drama? Which is yours? The fact is that sex is a large factor in our lives, rarely spoken of, and I'll betcha as a mother, there are "issues" that YOU'D rather not talk about.

EdenFantasys Shop is offering bloggers the opportunity to earn gift cards  along with some other affiliate opportunities, and this is a sex toy, and goodies site. Like I said, at first I was put off, as the instinctive taboo kicked in. Family friendly, non adult, bla bla bla. Truth is that if you have a family, you have sex. Lets be grown-ups about this.

When looking through the site to consider if I'd want the gift cards, I found several things:
  1. They offer several NON-Xrated items for ANYONE- such as make-up, body glitter, and jammies.
  2. I am a HUGE prude
  3. I need to be more open about the realities of life.
  4. I am faced with a blogging dilemma- to share personal or not?
  5. I choose to share.
I will begin a series about my story. A deeply personal, difficult to write venture, and I hope it helps someone someday, deal with their difficult sex story.

1 in 5 of us has one.

Eden Cafe

I was offered a gift card in exchange for this post. Everything in this series is true and very personal. 

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