Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 5 reasons Amazon is awesome!

You'd think that with as much time as I spend online, I would be more aware of the amazing deals out there, and how wrong I have been going, by buying OFFline!

My daughter is a Harry Potter FANATIC!!! (This required the FULL word for her level of dedication...obsession...) anyway, we recently go Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on demand for $4.99. This is not out of the ordinary, we get the kids a movie about once a week.

Will you look what I found? Really?

So naturally that peaked my interest. I started looking further...
There are some amazing deals and sales ALL the time!
TODAY ONLY: (12/8)

And my FAVORITE???

Will you believe this GIANT kid sized shark really flies? It works like a helium balloon, and is radio controlled to flap the tail and fins back and forth to make this giant shark swim through the air...Um cool?!!???!

Get yours here for UNDER $30!

It is rare that I can find a gift with the WOW factor of this, for such a GREAT price!!


Michelle said... is where I buy most things these days. We have the prime shipping & it's totally worth it. This time of the year, they have such great deals which makes my Christmas shopping easy!