Friday, December 16, 2011

What are your traditions?

There are so many familiarities with the holiday season; those sweet small things that make it FEEL like Christmas. We have sooooo many traditions in our family, yet rarely do any of them get caught in a photo. Here are some of my favorite images around the web, that give me the sentimental feeling that wells my eyes up ever more increasingly as the time comes closer.

The 12 Days Chain

Usually made of construction paper, jaggedly clipped by small hands with WAY too much tape. This one is much prettier, and how clever to make it from ribbon! You could re-use this for years to come!

The Advent Calendar
Look at this creative way to avoid those cardboard doors ;-) No tutorial necessary! You can find little tins and sticky magnets at any craft store!

The Christmas Village

Isn't is amazing how this was done? My table top just is NOT
going to do it next year!!

What does your family do???

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Michelle Cappiello said...

Love the 1st two! We try to make a gingerbread house and bake cookies every year. We have been watching a lot of Christmas movies and listening to lots of Christmas music this year. Haven't pulled out any crafts yet but will hopefully get to some to do with the kiddos before the big day.