Sunday, January 22, 2012

5 Easy Valentine Projects for Kids

As simple as some cut parchment paper, sponges, paint and yarn or ribbon, your kids will be so proud that they created something so beautiful!

What a simple idea, that packs a WOW effect!

A wire hanger and some left over yarn turns into a piece they may just keep in their rooms all year!

Take another wire hanger and use 4" raw fabric cuts to use year after year. Do tissue flowers for temporary fun!

How sweet would it be for the kids to work on this all year!?
A rainy day project- "Finish a page"!

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Cookie's Mom said...

Love these ideas. I think I remember doing something like that yarn heart as a kid.

Ruthy said...

Those are all great ideas. I want to definitely do the parchment paper hearts and the striged pompom looking things. Great way to spend time with the kiddos.