Friday, January 27, 2012

Classy-Sexy? How far would you go?

So back in "the day", I was the cheerleader in the shortest shorts, and to show my tummy was not a "thang". Yet another side effect of motherhood, I suppose, (and I say this only because the change happened the DAY we brought our first child home) I can't believe I dressed that way!!!

Perhaps some kind of prudery crept up on me, but I am shy in every way. {wink} I would like to feel sexy for my husband this Valentine's Day, but most of what I find is FAR to revealing for me to be comfortable. I was offered a gift card to review the Eden Fantasys website, and I did find a LOT that is too revealing for me. BUT- I found some lingerie that I think I can pull off!!

Do you think I am soooo funny?

Truth is that I BET my hubby will get a good kick out of it :) As a mother of 3 sometimes 4 sometimes 5, I am all out of fun. All out of ideas and energy. My husband works nights. Nuff said.

Truth is this little outfit inspires ideas, without making me feel whorish. :) I will admit it, I need a push and a shove. Sometimes an idea is all you need!

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