Monday, January 23, 2012

How to send an e-gift to new subscribers

Perhaps you would like to send a free copy of your book to all new email subscribers. Perhaps you have a catalog you would like to send, or depending upon what kind of site you are, a media kit or resume.

An easy way to do this automatically, (meaning you will not have to physically send an email to each and every subscriber) is to customize the confirmation email in Feedburner!

If you are not already on Feedburner, you can still take full advantage of all the functionality.
Enter your feed address to get a new Feedburner address.

 Now that you have a Feedburner address, you can customize the message your readers will receive when they subscribe!
Under the tab "Publicize", under the heading "Email", click on communication preferences. Now you can enter whatever you want in the message your subscribers will receive. 

How about this, "Click HERE for your free gift"!

Now grab your code and  make sure your readers have a way to sign up, and add a little advert while you are at it! Sign up NOW for a FREE copy of my {COOL THING HERE}

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