Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kiddie Academy- The light bulb is on

Isn't it a beautiful picture? Something about the openness, and honest joy of a pre-schooler learning. The day the light bulb clicks that letters make sounds. Watching them feel pride in their work, and witnessing the amazing revolution that IS ages 3-5.

If you are a mom, you know these joys. If you are a teacher you live them each day. Kiddie Academy offers the opportunity for the best of both worlds!

 If you are at a cross-roads with your professional life, and looking for an entrepreneurial answer, find out About Kiddie Academy®:
Kiddie Academy® has been a leader in educationally focused daycare for more than 30 years, with centers across the United States.

Kiddie Academy is growing, and is now looking for new franchisees in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Other career opportunities might be available for people with early childhood education degrees.

What’s great about this opportunity?
Moms know that childcare is an in-demand, steady growth industry. They might not realize that the education-based childcare sector is growing even faster. With the support of a strong franchisor, education-based childcare is a great opportunity for positive short- and long-term results for franchisees.

Kiddie Academy upholds a commitment to measured, strategic growth and works to support the ongoing success of each individual academy.

There is information there about:
 I really enjoyed looking through all of the personal stories listed on their website, and it really got me thinking as a mommy, step mommy, nanny, and entrepreneur- what could I be doing better?

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