Monday, January 2, 2012

Retweet Me Tuesday- Week #4

We were gone and now we are back!
Welcome to WEEK #4 of the new and improved  
ReTweet Me Tuesday!
The proof is in the pudding! (Is that even an expression????) 
Klout has been on the decline steadily since pausing the hop and now it is creeping up again!
Have you checked your Klout lately?


We are making this soooo easy!
Instead of your profile link (where it says "blog link")
Put the tweet you want retweeted!
Then just click on the links and hit "Retweet"

How to find your Tweet URL

Right-click on the time your tweet was sent, and select "copy link location". Then paste into the linky form.

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The Paper Princess said...

Retweeted & Alexa'd...Happy New Year!