Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eco Babies: Cloth diapering ain't what it used to be!

So what do you imagine when you think of cloth diapering? Of course, I immediately render the black and white image of myself as a baby, (It was so NOT black and white :) covered in.....YUCK!

And the PINS? If I can barely handle my squirmy son using some plastic stickers, how would I ever accomplish pins?

I will be honest, and sincerely apologize ahead of time to my many GREEN Mommy friends out there, that I never even considered the idea!

Not too long ago, I was contacted by Eco Babies, regarding a review on Nature's Baby Organics products, which prompted me to their website. Oh how uninformed I was. Cloth diapering AIN'T what it used to be! To my surprise, the pins are no longer necessary? Like someone came up with an alternative for connecting fabric? Jeesh, as a crafter, and specifically creator of baby items, you think this may have crossed my mind?

Oh hindsight, why must you torment me!

Digging deeper into Eco Babies, led me to the realization that this must be shared with other mommies! Eco Babies not only offers these cute as a button all in one cloth diapers, but hundreds of other planet friendly baby items! Naturally, there are green detergents, and cleaning items, but would you expect to find toys?

Check out the stats for these Apple Park Picnic Pals:
  • Eyes: recycled non-toxic plastic safety eyes
  • Nose, Ears & Paws: natural silk & hemp blend
  • Fur: 100% organic cotton
  • Filling: Sustainable corn fiber, 100% organic cotton fiber & recycled non-toxic plastic pellets
  • Packaging: 100% recycled paper printed with soy ink and finished with a natural silk and hemp blend leaf and grosgrain ribbon handle.

I think that many of us are under the impression that GREEN living is difficult, or like me, if it cannot be done completely, why bother doing it at all? Eco Babies has introduced me to the fact that I was wrong. It CAN be done completely.

So for a newbie like me, it would be difficult to jump right in, right? UGH...wrong again. Not only does Eco Babies offer cloth diapering workshops, but you can even have a consult in you HOME. Best of all, all of this can be attained for the new mommy, via Eco Babies registry.

If I had it to do all over many other things, it would be done differently. I would take advice from those who told me, "If I could do it all over again..."

My old aged wisdom dear Cute-E-Pies, Oh so Pinkies up and Preggers, look a little more into your options before you write off turning your bump green!