Friday, July 22, 2011

Satisfy your shopping needs, Preggo!

Last summer, at the end of my pregnancy, not only was I feeling the heat, but I was feeling the retail urges. BADLY. Spending most of my time in my husbands XXL tee shirts, (and that's about it...), with maybe 2 on call outfits that were somewhat acceptable for my very rare outing, the Cute-E-Pie in me was hurting!

Sure, I would take the occasional trip to Target, with the then 7 and 3 year old in tow... needless to say that did NOT do the trick! Maternity clothing made me angry. Did I really want to spend $40 on that shirt that I would soon like to throw in the garbage? Up nearly 100 pounds from my usual weight, trying on clothing in the 'family' dressing room, and NEVER guessing the right size. My dresses became shirts, and leggings would wear through the inner thigh in a week. THAT SUCKED!

Call me a man for not thinking of this, but I found my needs INSTANTLY satisfied with purses, shoes, and accessories! (DUH...) So here are some of my most favorite things this summer, also so very preggo friendly!

Yummy Target! (That means photo credit:, and all of these items are currently available at!!!)

Wait....the shoes? I admit, I have a tendency to sacrifice comfort for pretty piggies. Even preggers.

Nice choice for a museum trip with all of this kiddies? LOL- Means photo credit- That guy at Sesame Street who felt sorry for the fat girl in the 4 inch heels!


Sunithi Selvaraj, RD said...

Sensible !! To spend on stuff you can use later, rather than clothes ;) I borrowed Preggie clothes for the most part!

Toni said...

Ha,Ha! I so feel ya!!! I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and I'm about to embark on the maternity shopping spree, I so hope I can find some reasonably priced items this weekend.

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