Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maternity Belly Charms won't pop with you

To tell a story without disclosing my age, would be impossible. I don't really care too much about that anyway, since 33 is what, the new 20 now? (Yeah, I am reaching as my 11 PM bedtime quickly approaches...) I never imagined the day when I could say that 18 years ago anything, ( Hell I am still SHOCKED to see that a baby born in 1993 can buy cigarettes now...) But I digress. 18 years ago, I snuck out, doing all the naughty things that as a mother, makes me shudder, and got my belly button pierced. I was a sexy little 15 year old, with my flat little tummy and abs without effort.

I guess I am a lucky one. Weight has never been an issue; quite the opposite. DON'T attack! THIN has it's downfalls! As I began to gain MASSIVE weight with my first child (Check out the 100 pounds I gained with my last little fella...HERE) I still didn't worry.

The side effect?

Never did it occur to the younger me, that my sexy little belly button ring would up and jump off of my body unexpectedly, in public, and fall straight out of my dress. Yes indeed, it popped! I never could get that sucker back in the hole afterwards, and 4 babies later, I am left with half of a hole, sadly and perhaps luckily, hidden in the folds. Did I warn about TMI? Again, that's okay :) I am still a hot momma.

Sincerely, the best thing I have found in my recent pregnancy related searching, are these maternity belly button rings, and charms offered by Belly Charms. Not only are they more affordable than mine were 18 years ago, (when gas was only 99 cents), but they are sizable to the growing bump.

Perfect for the Cute-E-Pie in you, for the women not ready to give up her sensuality for the bump. And momma's, NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!!


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Jill said...

I've always liked the look and the idea of a belly button ring, but don't like anyone touching my belly button!! 6 years after giving birth to my second kid, I've finally got my flat tummy back! Maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage....

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Lynn said...

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I've never had a belly flat enough for a belly ring but they're cute none the less.

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Belly Charms said...

Thank you so much!!! Your review just showed up in my google alerts for Belly Charms. I really appreciate the awesome post. I will share it now. Have a great day.


Angela said...

What a neat idea! If I ever get my belly pierced, I will certainly look into this!

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Cute charms!

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