Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The golden rule of #blogging

Of course everyone has heard it, shoved it down our kids throats during times of desperation, and perhaps it has become so cliche, that the meaning has slipped.

"Do unto bloggers..."

It has been on my mind lately though.

Recently I joined with a few GREAT groups of bloggy friends. Honestly throughout this whole journey, a whole 4 months...(LOL!) I've felt pretty alone. Like some crazy 15 open tabbed, eye squinting lady hiding in her computer room cave late at night...

Suddenly, I am not alone anymore, and honestly what an impact that has had on my life. It sounds a little silly, I guess. Think ladies, about the HOURS you spend looking at the computer screen. If you are anything like me, it is more hours than you are willing to openly admit!

This got me to thinking, about the possibilities. You see names of BIG blogs, that everyone knows and goes to regularly. You know the ones...!! Turns out, that these are actually real people, staring into their computer screens. (Funny picture... a whole neighborhood filled with weird ladies late at night...)

The Point?

If we, as the small guys, work together, we can indeed become the "BIG guys". We all goal to become one. We have it within our power to make a big impact for each other.

I will be organizing Alexa groups, Klout groups, Facebook groups, and Twitter groups. Participate in all, or none. Chat with other bloggers, build each others stats, or find some sort of kinship. These relationships are invaluable, for more than just emotional support, but for the humanity in comradery.
Willingness to help others will be paid back upon you tenfold.

I wanted to take the chance to thank a few great girls that reminded me why I stare into that screen for so many hours.

Please take a moment to visit these amazing blogs.
The girls behind the screens are some really amazing women.

Oh My Gosh Beck!

Clever Couponeer

Also, if you need fresh material for your blog you might consider websites that offer free content on a variety of subjects such as reading, mom time, recycling, and more.


Ashley S said...

Great post! Just signed up for your forum :)

A Goddess of Frugality said...

Wow, just saw this. Thanks so much (sitting with blurry eyes at the computer screen with insomnia once again!). Will work on getting in the forums today (when I am more coherent!).

Ms. Elle said...

AWWW! Thanks for this POST! BecauseI DOOOOO SPEND endless hours in front of the PC going...show me the way of the blog, oh great and powerful PC-mastahhhhh! ;) and thanks for the mention! I'm linking I love this post that much!

Cindy said...

SOOO <3 you Ms Elle and Goddess!