Sunday, September 11, 2011

RSS Feeds- 10 things you can do for more clicks- Part 3

Okay, so now you are feeling SUPER good about the improvement in your Feeds appearance.
Missed something?
RSS Feeds- Part 1
RSS Feeds- Part 2

Time to keep on keepin' on!

First, lets take a look in the difference after one day.
It's pretty easy to see that interaction has increased due to the changes made!

#4 Thing you can do for more clicks: Publicize

Using Headline Animator, conveniently located in your Feedburner Admin page, you can create widgets for your sidebar, posts, and more!

With very easy to follow instructions, and a fully customizable form, THIS is what I came up with:

Cute-Ecakes- Everything Babies and Bloggers


Please note that this is now in my sidebar, ready to receive new readers!

#5 Thing you can do for more clicks- Headlines


Delco Deal Diva said...

New follower via GFC from Say Hi Sunday! Hope you will stop by for a visit - Kelly

MariaS said...

Thank you for sharing all these cool tips. I have bookmarked the series so that I can sit down at one point and put them into action! Just need to find the block of time. ;)