Saturday, September 10, 2011

RSS Feeds- 10 things you can do for more clicks- Part 2

Your blogs RSS feed can be a great source of traffic! 

Check out Part 1-HERE for a quick RSS 101!

So now that you know where to find your information, it is time to start using it to your advantage!

#3 Thing you can do for more clicks- Improve your image

In a nutshell, your RSS feed is generated in XML- a language that amounts to a virtually unformatted version of your pages and posts. While there is little that can be done to FORMAT your feed, there is a lot to be done to improve its look.

#1- Optimize- Gives you the option to add style to your feed

There are several functions available to add to your RSS feed. so even though you cannot add your look in the traditional way, (backgrounds, borders, etc...) you can
add your brand to your feed.

Here are the ones I think work for me, and why:
(But feel free to explore YOUR stats to decide what you want to do with yours!)

Here is a screen shot of my feed, untouched.
As you can see, it is NOT pretty.
  1. The Google ads are choppy
  2. I am getting link clicks, but not through to my site
  3. It needs some kind of decoration
Here's what I did:
Photosplicer- is under the "Optimize" tab of your feedburner account. This allows you to mix in your flickr images with your feed. They will be displayed between posts in chronological order. If you have a post at 1PM on Sunday, add a picture at 1:15 on Sunday. hen your feed will display post, image, post, image. You can even choose only to have a specific image tag shown on your feed. I chose to use the tag "feed". Now I can go through my flickr pictures and tag each one that I want to use with feed.

Next I removed the Google ads from my feed completely. (I will add them back in later, only PRETTY :)

Next I want to increase clicking into my site, not just the links in my feed. Summary Burner, also under the optimize tab, allows you to change your feed to a page break. There will be a "teaser" intro, forcing the reader to click through for the rest of the article.

Next I will add my Google ads back in, PRETTY! First go to Adsense and create the type of ad you want to use. I want mine to separate the contents of my new shortened teasers. Then I paste the generated code into my Post Feed Footer.

Now you can see the result of my new, prettier feed! Please note, it takes all changes a while to go through. I refreshed my feed like a thousand times during this process, so don't get frustrated! Your changes will show up soon!!
I like that it is neater, and I look forward to selecting JUST the right picture to upload to Flickr after each post :)

#4 Thing you can do for more clicks- Publicize!


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