Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunday Funday Hop Week #11

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In honor of our fallen soldiers and servicemen, on this VERY big anniversary, I would like to do something a little different. Leave a comment with your story. Where you were, how you reacted. A loved one you lost. All of our hearts are in the same place on this day, I tear up as I type this now...

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Hi everyone!  My name is Kellie and I write A Glimpse of My Life and Happy Baby Chronicles.  I'm really excited to be the featured blogger here at the Sunday Funday Hippidy Hop!  I'm happily married to my "former" Marine (I would say "ex", but you know...once a Marine, always a Marine), and mommy to four beautiful children (I'm not biased at all!).  I'm slowly finding my way into the world of PR and Giveaways, and I'm loving every minute of it.  I still love to ramble about my everyday life, and blogging helps me to keep busy while my hubby is overseas.  I'm looking forward to hopping around and checking out all of your fantastic blogs and hope you'll enjoy visiting mine as well!


Things Sent My Way said...

I was born and raised in New York and I was a freshman in college on 9/11. It might have been my third day of class. I was fortunate enough to have not lost anyone I loved, but it was an incredibly scary time in New York. We were told to evacuate the class buildings and return home or to our dorms. No one made it to their rooms because every one who entered the dorm building sat in the common room with the television and watched. We could not look away. The thing that stays with me though is what came later. That night we stayed up watching a possible scare at the Empire State Building, and for weeks later, seeing National Guard men in Queens, NY when we were going out for dinner or to the movies was really strange. Getting stalled in a tunnel on the subway made everyone look around and laugh really nervously. There was a huge outpouring of love for the NYPD and FDNY, but it was also our lead story for well over a year and it was really hard to make it through a day without talking about it. It's much different in Seattle, and San Francisco, two places I've lived since, and I feel funny not being in New York for the anniversary. My heart goes out to all of those who lost loved ones in the initial attack or in the wars that have been fought as a result of the event. I thank the members of our armed forces and civil services for giving of themselves every day in honor of those we lost.

JENNi said...

9/11 has had a big impact on alot of peoples lives, This sad tragic day 10 years ago. I remeber I was with an ex, and we heard the horrible news over the radio on the way to get his little girl for the day. My ex Roger is from New York, so we had to make alot of phone calls to make sure all his family was ok. Lucky for us, none of his family was harmed. My heart does go out to all the people who lost a loved one in that horrific event. And to all the children who lost a parent, and to all the wifes who lost a husband and vise vera, and to all the sisters and brothers who lost a sister or brother. Remeber that they will ALWAYS be with you and looking upon you, and that one day, you too will be with them again!

zaylyn said...

I was a Sophomore in high school. I was sitting in the school library listening to a friend talk about how hot Ryan Phillippe was. I didn't think he was. She was just obsessed with him. Then they turned on all the tvs and the school went silent pretty much the rest of the day. The tv was a tiny little box one that they rolled on wheels. We were all pretty scared for what else could happen. I will never forget that day.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I was in my second year of dental school. I was cramming for a 10 am exam and was watching the today show as I did most mornings. As I was just about to leave to go to school, I saw what I thought was a small plane crashing into some building. I made my walk to school and in those 10 minutes, all the news came out. They canceled classes for the next 2 days. First thing I did was call my friend who was in the building next to the trade center.luckily, she made it out! My dad also was working nearby. I will never forget 9-11.

MikiHope said...

I actually wrote a post today on what I was doing on that day--10 years ago. When you click on my blog up above you can read how it affected me as a New Yorker and how it still kind of affects me to this day.

Michele aka MikiHope

TheresaJohnson said...

Beautiful site. Glad found it. Joimed and adding a lnk to it on my own blog

Jessica said...

I was in my office in Times Square. With the bridges and tunnels closed I couldn't get home to NJ so I stayed at a friend's apartment. From her place on the 34th floor there was an unobstructed view of the towers and we watched as they fell to the ground.

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

Perpetual Pandemonium said...

I was a sophomore in college. I was driving to the lightrail station listening to the radio. I couldn't wrap my head around what they were saying. When I got to class they just had the TV on the news channel and we all sat, watched and cried together. We were in downtown Denver, there was concern for safety, so they ended up closing campus half way through the day. It was terrifying. Although I didn't know anyone in NY at the time, nor did I know any one who lost a loved one, I will never forget that day and will always have a place in my heart for those directly affected by the tradegy.

tracerscouponaffair said...

I was helping my grandmother with her flea market. My oldest was 5 months old and we took a break to watch the news.

kenmei said...

I was in high school we didn't have access to the news but some of my teachers had very worried looks on their faces---until the end of the day one of my teacher told out classroom.

About JollyJilly said...

I was at home in the uk doing my ironing. My husband who's with the fire service rang and told me to put on the tv. I watched but didn't know what was happening. I really thought those in the twin towers could be helped. When they fell down I was shocked and upset for those left behind that had to cope with their loss.

pamela r said...

I was teaching and we didn't hear about it untill later when one of the student teachers called in to say she wouldn't been there. I was blessed to not have lost anyone, but my heart broke with the pain many other were going through.

cajunlicious said...

Thanks so much for hosting this very special hop!

Best of the Veg said...

Thanks for hosting on this special day! I am a new follower!!!
-Jessica @ Best of the Veg

Debs Dealz said...

Hi there, following you via GFC from the Sunday Funday Hop! Love your site! Please follow me back and like me on FB. If you are interested in exchanging buttons, let me know! Debbie

Kelli said...

I love today's hop. It really makes us think. I linked up a post I did on where my mom was on 9/11.

I was home sleeping. I worked for 911 at the time. I was working nights. My kids kept calling and calling from school. I finally woke up on about the 10th call. My daughter was so upset because my sister-in-law worked by the Pentagon. She was traveling at the time so she was okay.

I had just given my notice the night before but I still had 2 weeks left. That night we got so many calls from people afraid because they heard an airplane overhead or something. I will never forget.


The Paper Princess said...

I was at the doctors when I heard the news. At first I thought it was a joke - a very bad joke, in very poor taste. I could not conceive of anything like that happening. So we went into the waiting room and turned on the news to see what was going on...

It was early still so things were chaotic but when the reports about the planes started filtering in we were stunned. We left the doctors and noticed that the streets were eerily quiet. We had to stop by the store to pick something up on the way home and everything was deserted. We wondered if the employees who were working knew.

We went home and started watching the news. We immediately began worrying about our loved ones who were in the affected areas. I was also shocked because I was supposed to have been on one of the potentially impacted flights that day. The events really impacted me - I will NEVER forget.


waytenmom said...

Thanks for hosting a hop! I happened to blog about 9/11 (and peripherally, where I was) so hope that kinds. Gotta run to work.