Monday, September 12, 2011

#Triberr- The basics

It's the hottest thing since Grandma's Apple pie.

If you are ON- you know you've seen a difference in your traffic.
You may, or may not know just what you are doing there...

If you are NOT ON...#1- get on.

As you can see, my Twitter following is only 1011. Jeesh I was glad to get past that 1000 point though!

Despite that, my reach is still 430,959. That means that my blog posts are tweeted to nearly half a million people...Whoa.

So let me repeat myself, IF you are not on, GET ON!!!
I've got invites for new and current members-
(We can inbreed)

Tweet Me if you want to build a no rules mega tribe!

(I always hear that word in my head like the Caterpillar in Alice would say it...)
Just left alone, the system works automatically. Your tweets will go out to all the followers of all your tribes mates, and vice versa. That's where the reach comes from. with anything else, there are just some things you figure out as you go. Silly things, that since the system is so automated, it seems unnecessary to look into it. 

  • Bonfires are forum conversations. This can be used to search for an answer, ask a question, (people are really good about getting back to you) or to look for tribes mates.
  • Tribes is a list of the tribes you are in. You will see that there are more than the one you just joined. When you first start, you are given three tribes of your own to "rule", and invite others to join.
  • Bones is their form of money. You can use them to inbreed
  • Status: You can see if your tweets have been sent, or if they are in overflow. You can RE-SEND a tweet through the group (It will cost you bones to do it though!) and you can pause, or stop a post from going through the group. For example, a time sensitive item.
  • Inbreeding: You will find any inbreeding INVITES under this tab.  
  • This Number: is the number of clicks your tribes mates have gotten through to your blog
The Tribal Stream...
There is more here than just your tribes mates tweets!

  • Make SURE you click on the Karma thumbs every time you pass through...You will earn bones! (No definite number, but it seems to have been around 1 bone for 10 thumbs)
  • IF any of the check-marks turn RED, it means that tweet is not approved. You will have to manually do so.
  • Below each tribe mates posts, you will see the options to 'read post', 'Tweet now', 'Delete', and 'Rescheduled X times'. You can decide what is right or wrong for your readers. 

Wanna Join Me??


MariaS said...

GREAT post! Very informative! I love Triberr and I am so glad we are in the tribe together!!!!

Heather Capewell said...

Well this gives me a larger insight into what triberr is. Very, Very, informative. I really think this could help me receive more reach and would love an invite.