Friday, October 14, 2011

#Breastcancerawareness The Lump: Book Review and #Giveaway

Most everyone has been touched by breast cancer. The fear and anxiety that is suffered by both the patient and their families is overwhelming and stressful. But what about the doctors? And what happens when they get sick?

Dr. Johns was getting ready one morning when he realized he felt a lump. As a gynecologist- you would expect him to immediately get it checked out, but instead, he waited 3 months. Thoughts of "I can't get breast cancer, I'm a man.", and not even believing in the possibility of a doctor getting a patients disease. Listening to the story of chemotherapy, and surgery through a doctors eyes, and watching him navigate between roles will draw you in.

When you read the book, you'll see Dr Johns struggle between being an OB/GYN, and turning into a patient himself. To be going through chemotherapy while still seeing other patients with cancer in a doctor role, he offers a very different perspective. You will not think of breast cancer in the same light, again.

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