Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Google Analytics is so different from Blogger stats

It is such a common question that I've wondered about and let go- Now I found out the answer!'s disappointing! 
(I wished that the elevated stats were true!)

My Blogger stats show over 1100 pageviews today.

My Google Analytics show just over 300.

Simple answer #1- Blogger counts the hits from various web crawler bots. You can test this out by using - Run the grade on your site, and while the system gives you funny little sayings, check and refresh your blogger stats. You will see a spike of 15-20 or MORE pageviews that minute or two. Google excludes the bot hits, and remember that this is not only graders, but every search engine, every site that keeps hit stats on you, whether you know them or not, and so many more! This is what primarily accounts for differences in statistics.

Simple answer #2- Google Analytics start and end at different times than blogger does. My GA starts at midnight, but blogger starts at 8 PM. Depending on when you are heaviest in traffic, this could change your results a little.


T Byrd said...

sad. But I knew the blogger telling me that I had 250 hits in a "moment's" time just wasnt realistic :-(