Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time and budget saving home decor

I came across a wonderful site just recently that I'd like to share with you! Now I know you've heard of it, but have you looked into it? I know I hadn't until just now, and I was very surprised at what I found!

The back story: I have a play room that has since turned into a dump. As in, we toss the toys in and close the door. There is no playing involved with that room. So, I decided to finally take something for ME! (This is rare, believe me) The new purpose of this room? MY grand walk in closet! You see up until now, I share closets with my children for hanging, my husband for folding, and my dresser has had 3 drawers taken up by my youngest. We are indeed in need of a bigger house, but since that is not possible right now, a dressing room/closet/secret laundry folding destination is JUST what I need!

BUT- this needs to be done on a budget. A SMALL budget!

Enter At first glance, it seems to be a usual shopping site. There are all different categories from Automotive, to Health and Beauty. Digging deeper, I found AWESOME prices linked to the best, most reliable sites out there. Turns out that virtually all my shopping can be done from this ONE location! (How many times have you had 10 tabs open looking for...something!)

Sooo. I am looking forward to receiving my new pieces for my grown up GIRL HAVEN..

All for UNDER $100!!! (Yes I ROCK) and so will my new room! Can't wait to show you when it is complete! Check out my sunburst mirror, vanity tables and lights, and bathroom wall cabinets for yourself!