Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Organize a Playroom- The BIG reveal!

Check out the before picture HERE, and enjoy the big REVEAL!
(Move that truck!)

 #1- FREE: Hide all of the stuffed animals in a home-made bean bad chair! (Tutorial HERE)

#2- FREE: Cover the crayon filled armoire to match the room! (Tissue paper and Mod Podge)

I used toy colors instead of the colors I would usually choose so junk will now MATCH!

#3- $1.00: A 3 pack of pre-K posters from the good 'ole Dollar Store for the walls

#4- FREE: To cover the big blank (also crayon covered) wall, we used clothes pins and line to hang the girls artwork!
#5- $5.00: Plastic bins with HANDLES from the Dollar Store for all the little items. (McDonalds toys anyone???)

#6- $1.00: Turn an ordinary moving box into a toybox you don't mind looking at, and won't hurt your feelings if they destroy it! (Tutorial HERE)

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