Monday, November 14, 2011

Retweet me Tuesday Hop Week #16

Welcome to week #16 of Retweet me Tuesday! This hop is hosted by Cute-Ecakes, and Beauty Brite, to help boost your Klout, and make new Tweeps!

Not checking your Klout Score??
Klout is soon to be one of the BIG indicators of your status in the cyber-world. Check out THIS article, or check out YOUR Klout HERE!!

Klout scoring has CHANGED! You may have noticed your score drop significantly recently! Gaining NEW influential interaction is one way to give your score a push.

The Rules have CHANGED!

This is going to be a LOT easier now! Due to the "tradition" of blog hops, I naturally put up a linky when I started RTmeTues, but it turns out that there are MUCH easier ways to help eachother out!

This widget is displaying tweets with the hashtag #RTmeTues.
Simply add #RTmeTues to any tweets you want retweeted, and click RT on as many as you like! No hopping, no tabs open!

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