Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't crucify me- I refuse to remember.

So maybe this is my stubborn side, more likely my UBER emotional side- Jeesh I will cry at a toilet paper commercial if its done right... But today I need to keep myself from becoming a slobbery mess all day. The effort of explaining to my children, what the heck Mommy's problem is...senseless.

I don't have a story. I was a manager in the mall at the time...One of the weird morning mall cliques, talking across commons to the others store-front...Sending all of our part time employees to get snacks and drinks for us...sneaking a cigarette in the back hallway. Everyone knew each other.

When the happenings began to happen, we all left our stores and sat like hand over-mouthed zombies in front of the TV store...I don't remember what it was...That's all I have to say about that. That is the point that the tears begin to lip quivers. I refuse to remember today.

Please don't crucify me! The memory of the loved ones lost, the bravery....WELL....QUIVER...I've never felt anything as emotional. But I would like to take a bit of advice from someone I met recently. This women lost 6 month old twins not too long ago, and said-

"Live only with positivity and look's the only way they would have liked it."

Now I would like to share some touching stories that readers left for me in comments on our special edition Sunday Funday Hop.

Things Sent My Way said... 1
I was born and raised in New York and I was a freshman in college on 9/11. It might have been my third day of class. I was fortunate enough to have not lost anyone I loved, but it was an incredibly scary time in New York. We were told to evacuate the class buildings and return home or to our dorms. No one made it to their rooms because every one who entered the dorm building sat in the common room with the television and watched. We could not look away. The thing that stays with me though is what came later. That night we stayed up watching a possible scare at the Empire State Building, and for weeks later, seeing National Guard men in Queens, NY when we were going out for dinner or to the movies was really strange. Getting stalled in a tunnel on the subway made everyone look around and laugh really nervously. There was a huge outpouring of love for the NYPD and FDNY, but it was also our lead story for well over a year and it was really hard to make it through a day without talking about it. It's much different in Seattle, and San Francisco, two places I've lived since, and I feel funny not being in New York for the anniversary. My heart goes out to all of those who lost loved ones in the initial attack or in the wars that have been fought as a result of the event. I thank the members of our armed forces and civil services for giving of themselves every day in honor of those we lost.

zaylyn said... 3
I was a Sophomore in high school. I was sitting in the school library listening to a friend talk about how hot Ryan Phillippe was. I didn't think he was. She was just obsessed with him. Then they turned on all the tvs and the school went silent pretty much the rest of the day. The tv was a tiny little box one that they rolled on wheels. We were all pretty scared for what else could happen. I will never forget that day.

LOVE MELISSA:) said... 4
I was in my second year of dental school. I was cramming for a 10 am exam and was watching the today show as I did most mornings. As I was just about to leave to go to school, I saw what I thought was a small plane crashing into some building. I made my walk to school and in those 10 minutes, all the news came out. They canceled classes for the next 2 days. First thing I did was call my friend who was in the building next to the trade center.luckily, she made it out! My dad also was working nearby. I will never forget 9-11.


Sophie said...

We have to turn off TV coverage over here too, and I won't go to a memorial ceremony because I know I won't make it through.

We had plans to go into the city yesterday, for a big concert, but with the day, the need to take all public trans, all the warnings, it was just too much.

Camilleta said...

Don't feel bad, I feel the same way! I just can't bring myself to write a memorial post.